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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sunday Roast on a Saturday

I love cooking and always wish I could cook fancier meals during the week... so I made an effort this Saturday to cook a yummy roast dinner for me and Rob.

Sunday Roast on a Saturday

Roast beef, roast potatoes, broccoli and carrots.


Blogger France said...

It looks delicious. It's me Boomette1 from Flickr

7:32 AM  
Blogger Hanan said...

oooh helloo Boomette1, thank you for your comment :o)
I should cook roast dinners more often!

I saw the lovely pictures of your daughter on flickr, she is sooo cute :)

7:50 AM  
Blogger France said...

Hanan, it's a boy.

2:21 PM  
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